SYNAPSE® Double Pack with Locker

SYNAPSE® Double Pack with Locker

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SYNAPSE® CBD Gum is the perfect delivery system for anyone looking to add CBD to their wellness routine or add focus into their day.

Be in the Moment™️ with SYNAPSE®!

Our unique liquid center allows for a quick release of the specialized hemp-derived, Broad Spectrum CBD inside of every piece, so that you can get ~15mg of CBD when you need it most! Taking a piece of SYNAPSE® is like taking a top-quality dropper dose of CBD and the best piece of gum at the same time.

Size & Form Matter!

SYNAPSE® CBD Gum can be the perfect CBD delivery system specifically because each piece is large enough to hold ~15mg of broad spectrum CBD in the liquid center and the delicious spearmint shell can stay soft and flavorful for an hour or more. This allows you to chew longer and promote cognitive benefits such as increased focus, memory recall and concentration. You can't chew a tincture, flower or pill!

Perfectly portable to fit in with your busy life.

No more clunky glass bottles or messy tinctures when you’re on the go! A pack of SYNAPSE® CBD Gum fits nicely in your bag or pocket so you can take it wherever you are and discreetly chew a piece whenever you need it!

No B***S***!

Unlike other functional chewing gums, we decided to leave out the sugar, the aspartame and other unnecessary ingredients. We chose to listen to our dentist for once and sweetened SYNAPSE® with Xylitol (more than any other type of gum in the world!) for an amazing flavor that also promotes oral health. Rest assured - we are always vegan & gluten free.

2 Packs = 150mg of CBD
The included Locker is a branded metal tin that will help keep your opened pack of SYNAPSE® fresh and prevent the gum from getting squished in your bag or pocket!